We are so proud to be a part of this genius initiative, a community platform that’s so close to our hearts, offering a one stop beauty shop as well as tips, tricks, advice and inspirational stories to help people through their Cancer journey with the best beauty advice tailored to people on cancer treatment.

The C List, founded by beauty’s sweetheart and all round joy Lisa Potter Dixon @lisapotterdixon industry expert and 3 times best-selling author Helen Addis @TheTittyGritty TV producer, mum and cancer survivor, offers the ultimate guide to beauty products you can use while going through treatment for cancer and beyond.

The C-List is such a beautiful affirmative space and when you purchase from their recommended links you are supporting the community. Every month they use the profits to randomly treat a member of the community to something special, like an afternoon tea or a beauty gift.

Go check out their brilliant series of You tube videos talking to some of our favourite people like @georgieswallow, twice blood cancer thriver and an original Manta Muse.

This is just the perfect partnership for us, our brushes were born out of love, created for Dani our Founders Wife and the Original Manta Muse who after cancer treatment lost her hair. As it grew back, our Founder & her husband Tim, watched her combing it with her fingers, too scared of breakage to use a traditional hairbrush.

Tim has over 30 years hairdressing experience and he wanted to give her confidence to style her hair, with something gentle and kind, a real self-care ritual in hair brushing. Combining over 30 years of hands on experience in the salon with the latest materials and technology available Tim developed the Manta Healthy Hairbrush that would be as gentle on your hair as running your fingers through it.

As part of her journey back to health Dani started to blog, and more and more people contacted her who had such difficult health journeys, some cancer related at the start but then huge volumes of women who wanted a healthier approach to self-care. We realised we had to bring the brush to market.

Please go support the C-List , spread the word about the wonderful things they are doing and the wealth of information available from their community including product how to’s, support, cancer thriver journeys, expert blogs and much more www.the-c-list.com