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Manta Pulse

Rejuvenate your hair and calm routine at the touch of a button. Press once for relaxing stress and tension relief and press twice for invigorating to increase blood-flow and circulation.

Manta Pulse
100% Waterproof
Shower holder
Travel pouch
Charging cable
Long lasting charge

Manta Mirror

The multi Award winning MANTA now features a mirror for on-the-go beauty touch-ups. You now don’t have to carry the contents of your bathroom cabinet in your bag. This beauty essential will work wonders to keep you looking groomed all day.

Manta Mirror Blue
Built-in Mirror
Soft-Touch Surface

The Manta Originals

Buy any two of the award-winning original Manta healthy hairbrushes (White, Powder Pink, Black or Burgundy) for £48 (saving £12).

Manta Classic - Black
Manta Classic - Burgundy
Manta Classic - Pink
Manta Classic Serene Green
Manta Classic - White
Manta Shower Holder

Innovating Hair Health

Pioneering, patented FLEXGUARD™ technology on the base enables each bristle to have complete 360 degrees motion to gently free knots & minimize breakage. Created from soft touch silicone The MANTA has no rough edges to catch or tear the hair shaft.

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What They're Saying

This is nothing short of a miracle for my hair! As a woman with long hair which easily gets tangled and knotty this is an excellent purchase. I have tried a variety of tangle teasers but this is next level greatness! Easily removes knots without pain, leaves hair shiny & it is small enough to fit in your handbag – one of my very best purchases.

Ordered this brush as I have always had very static hair and have never found a brush which reduces it. I can honestly say this brush is brilliant and for the first time ever static is not a problem! I also managed to brush my sons hair with it (he hates having his hair brushed) and he now uses it as “it’s soft and doesn’t hurt my head). Very pleased.

I never thought I would say wow about a hairbrush but I have to with this one. I saw it on a TV programme and thought it looked great. You definitely lose less hair when brushing, I would say at least 50% less. For me though the biggest benefit has been the condition of my hair. I would definitely recommend this brush, don’t be put off by the price as its worth every penny.

It’s the best £25 I have ever spent. In 2016 I had breast cancer so because of chemo I lost all my hair. This brush is amazing. My hair is so much shinier and feels so silky. It runs smooth though my hair after a shower, usually I have to struggle with the knots but not with this brush, it glides through my hair like a dream. I love how it’s gentle on my scalp too.

This brush is unlike any I’ve used before. The handle slides between the fingers to give good grip, and it’s flexibility and long teeth mean that is glides through the hair and detangles easily for minimal breakage, giving the scalp a gorgeous massage that makes me feel a bit like a cat in scratching heaven.

Breakage-prone? Brush with this. Its ergonomic shape gives you greater control while its super flexible bristles gently loosen tangles. Tim Binnington originally created it for his wife after she lost her hair, when it grew back he set about creating an alternative that felt as gentle as combing her hair with her fingers. Mission accomplished.

Because the health of your hair relies so heavily on the state of your scalp, it’s important to do all that you can to rid it of pollutants with minimal irritation. And that’s where this baby comes in. Super flexible in the hand and soft silicone bristles make this hairbrush the ultimate tool to give your scalp a deep cleanse.

I love how this brush smooths your hair and is moulded to fit the shape of your hand – it makes simply brushing your hair quite therapeutic.