1. Don’t fight your natural texture, work with it. The key to healthy thick hair is not to spend every day fighting it’s natural texture. Learn to embrace and enhance what your hair wants to do. Of course to have the odd day adding curl when your hair is straight or visa versa is great. But take an appointment with your stylist to learn how to really work with your hair as nature intended and this will always mean your hair is at its fullest.
  2. Weekly deep conditioning treatments. Have one day a week when you feed your hair with deep conditioning treatments, they act in a very different way to your daily conditioner. Your hair is like a sponge, it can only soak in so much at a time. Try, applying a treatment, leave for 15 mins and rinse off towel dry and apply again. You can do this three times to achieve a super hydrated effect that will ensure your hair takes less time and frizziness will be kept at bay for longer.
  3. Be extra gentle with hair that is wet. When the hair is wet it is more likely to break, gently work through knots and tangles with the Manta Brush to ensure far less breakage. The Manta is the first brush to mold to the shape of your hand & scalp, creating less tension on each strand with every stroke while stimulating the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. When you have towel dried use a light leave in conditioner and lightly work through with the Manta Brush for even coverage. Next day styling? Re-apply a hydrating leave in conditioner before you re-boost your style with heated appliances.
  4. Alternate your hair cuts. For super full hair ask your stylist to give you a little maintenance cut where the hair is gently twisted when dry and only the split ends are snipped off. Do this in-between your trims as having an inch off the bottom of your hair does not always capture all theses ends that can split further up. This is the best way to attain really thick hair.
  5. Careful cleansing. Hair damage is the chemical or physical breakdown of parts of the hair that either weaken or make it more vulnerable. Shampooing and grooming actions cause the cuticle to be more susceptible to further erosion, so make the cleansing part of your beauty regime really gentle. Before you step in the shower gently run the Manta brush through your hair to smooth. Wet the hair, place your shampoo in your hand and rub your hands together. Then pat the product on the front, top and nape of the hair and very gently massage your roots with your finger tips – this will ensure that less breakage happens. Rinse thoroughly and apply the conditioner to your hands in the same way, take Manta’s gentle hairbrush and glide through to distribute product on the ends. Being extra careful and gentle in the washing stage makes a huge difference to the thickness of hair, creating less tangles as you cleanse means maintaining hair fullness.
  6. Beware of coat hair. Hair that tangles eat the nape of the neck caused by friction can knot densely and be is more likely to break. Carry the Manta brush with you and gently run through the nape hairline after taking off your coat and scarf . This will prevent any tangle buildup as the Manta cling to the shape of the head so that even at the nape of the neck hair will be freed easily with no place for knots to hide.
  7. Insist on scalp massage every night for ten minutes when the hair is dry. Use firm movements with your fingers and circular gestures with your Manta to really move the scalp. It will relax the scalp and relieve tension but also really stimulate the follicles and increase blood flow. The differences I have seen in the thickness of my clients hair that have done this is incredible.
  8. Get your vitamins. Ensure your first meal contains protein and Vitamin C which is essential for hair growth to feed hair from within. If you need an extra boost take a supplement of Biotin PK4 hair Protein capsules.