It’s impossible to avoid the comparison between the Manta Hair Brush and the Tangle Teezer, but I would say that the Manta Hair Brush is kind of like a more sophisticated, grown-up version that’s a little more elegant with a lovely backstory too. Tim Binnington, the creator of the The Manta, designed it to help his wife protect and carefully care for her new hair regrowth after receiving chemotherapy that resulted in hair loss. As anyone in her position would, she wanted to do everything she could to give her new hair as strong a chance as possible, so The Manta was created to allow her to maintain her new hair gentle and kindly.

The Manta Hair Brush is available in two colours, white and black, and is designed using “Flexguard” technology, which allows each bristle to move when being worked through hair, thus gently removing tangles without causing damage or breakage. It’s also heat-resistant and anti-static, so it’s an all-round hair carer that’ll allow you to style hair, and it’s also particularly great for wet hair care – I like to use mine whenever I’m using masks or hair treatments, as it really does distribute the product effectively without pulling at hair.

I have fine hair that I don’t often brush as I like a messy do, plus my hair is so soft that if I brush it, it tends to go very flat and lifeless looking. The Manta Hair Brush is perfect for me because when I do brush my hair, usually just before I’m about to wash it, it’s often got a few knots and tangles that need a bit of extra care, and The Manta does this really well without adding to the problem. I also love the fact that it’s anti-static as my hair can get very static if not handled correctly. The Manta Hair Brush is £25 and can be found here – link.