Three Easy Ways to Treat your Mother Figure this Mother’s Day: 

  1. Call them, there is nothing like connection and a half an hour call on the day can make their week. Plus, it is also proven to lower your stress levels.  Talking with your mothering figure can increase oxytocin levels (a trust, empathy and bonding hormone) and decrease cortisol levels (a stress hormone).
  1. Write something meaningful in a card. Your favourite memory, meal together or even a favourite show you watched together. This is also a really nice way to honour and remember a mother figure who is no longer with you if you want to acknowledge them on Mother’s Day. 
  1. Buy a truly thoughtful gift that is useful and luxurious. The Manta Pulse is the ultimate way to treat your mother figure. Healthier hair & Scalp at the touch of a button it can become a wonderful selfcare moment every day massaging their way to a healthier hair & scalp. Magnetic pulsations vibrate through each bristle, invigorating circulation, blood flow and oxygen to the scalp. Gently clearing debris & dead skin cells creating the perfect conditions for growth whilst relaxing & reducing tension. 100% waterproof for use in and out of the shower, whilst turned off it works just the same as the MANTA original, as a gentle detangling minimum breakage hairbrush. 

We know Mother’s Day isn’t the same for everyone, for many reasons it can be a difficult day for many… Mothering in a wider sense can mean treating someone with great care and affection. If Mother’s day is difficult for you or a friend, perhaps consider treating yourself or them with care on Mother’s Day by doing a simple caring act like buying or giving flowers, baking a treat, running a bubble bath or supporting an independent local business.