This sunshine season, let your hair live its best life.

Oh summer! How we’ve missed your balmy nights, that feeling of the sand between our
toes and the gentle sound of waves coming in and going out. It’s all picture perfect… until
you remember the things you haven’t missed about summer that play havoc with your
holiday hair; Think sea salt, sweat, a dose of damaging UV rays and excessive heat and
you’ve got yourself a sad scalp and unhealthy hair. But don’t panic! There are ways to give
your hair and scalp some serious TLC during the summer months as well as make them
healthier in the long run. Find out all the seasonal tips and tricks for healthy hair here and
enjoy a long, happy summer.

Wet hair care

Whether you’ve been swimming on holiday or you’re wandering around at home air-drying
freshly washed hair, taking care of it when it’s wet, and therefore at its most vulnerable, is
essential. Founder of Arkive Headcare and all-round hair genius Adam Reed says prevention
is key when it comes to caring for wet hair, no matter where you are; “Leave a mask or oil in
your hair while you’re at the beach or by the pool to allow it to soak up the goodness for as
long as possible,” he advises. Rock the wet look in the evenings too to maximise wet hair
“Even if you’re going out for dinner, I recommend a slicked-back bun or pony tail using
a mask or oil so that you’re doing two jobs at the same time!” Use your Manta Hair-Brush
to comb products through – this will ensure zero breakage thanks to the Manta’s super
gentle bristles and will help to spread the product around your hair much more evenly and
kindly. You see, the brush’s continuous movement means you never reach the stress point
where the hair breaks. It’s your secret weapon for wet hair.
Wet hair kit:
Manta Brush, £25
Kerastase Soleil Crème UV Sublime, £26.15

Think before you swim

“When all you want to do is jump in the water to cool off and then you remember
that chlorine and sea salt play havoc with hair.” Here’s why; The chemicals in chlorine can
often dry out the hair causing brittle, split ends, and it can also alter its natural colour too.
Sea salt strips the hair of vital moisture and causes knots, which can lead to breakage. Not a
good holiday look. Adam says the only way to fully protect your hair is to wear a swimming
cap; “Wet your hair first, follow with a little conditioner or oil to ease the pull on the hair
and make sure there’s no way water can get in,” he says. If a cap isn’t your thing and you
want to prevent getting in a tangle, Adam says oil is the answer. “It’s really good for adding
slip to the hair. Either apply it before going into the sea or after you come out to ease the
brushing,” he says. Remember to always brush sea-soaked hair with your Manta UK hairbrush detangler
to avoid breakage. “You should also do a cold rinse when you get out of the sea and keep it
wet with fresh water until you can give it a proper wash with shampoo.” But how can you
be sure you’ve washed all the salt out? “Dilute a soluble aspirin in a glass of water and rinse
it through your hair to get rid of build up,” Adam advises. “Then use a mask to get more
nourishment back into the hair.”

Swim kit:
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Philip Kinglsey Swimcap Water Resistant Mask, £19.50

Save your scalp!

We’re sure you don’t need reminding, but just in case the heat’s got to you, don’t forget
that your scalp needs to be protected in the sun in the same way as your skin. Because your
scalp is skin so it needs SPF too. An SPF scalp spray is easiest to apply – just keep topping it
up every two hours when you replenish your usual sun cream and don’t forget to apply a
double layer to your parting. You will also need a soothing scalp mask during the summer
too which will help to keep it hydrated and refreshed. Choose a treatment containing a
refreshing ingredient like menthol and one that has a nozzle so that you can apply it easily in
sections, starting from the front to the back of the scalp. “Comb it through properly using
your Manta brush right through to your ends to allow even distribution,” Adam explains.
Once you’ve rinsed, make sure you’ve got all the product out by using Adam’s dry shampoo
technique; “Work shampoo through dry hair and lather it up as this is a better way of lifting
up dirt. Then rinse it through with water, lather further and finish with a cold rinse,” he says.
Scalp kit:
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Regular scalp exfoliation during summer isn’t just essential because we sweat more, it’s also
because exfoliating increases blood flow and circulation, leading to a healthier, happier
scalp. And the way you look after your scalp is eventually reflected in the health of your hair
all year round. “The key is to make sure you have a routine and that you’re looking after
your scalp with as much care as you have for your hair,” Adam explains. And guess what? All
you need is your Manta hairbrush! “I always recommend using two brushes at the same
time to make sure you’re getting as much brush coverage over your scalp as you can.”
Whilst in the shower, move your brushes around your scalp in circular motions for a deep,
yet gentle cleanse. Got the bug for scalp exfoliation? Enhance your technique by using the
scalp massager the Manta Pulse. With a touch of a button, it pulsates and helps to distribute
shampoo more evenly, stimulates and exfoliates the scalp, all whilst causing zero breakage
to the hair. Clever!
Exfoliation kit:
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