If your hair has lost a bit of ‘oomph’ recently or has started to look a bit flat, it could be because it’s thinning. And there are lots of possible reasons for this.

Your hormones might be raging, you may have been doing too much heat styling, your diet could be unhealthy or you’re stressed. It might just be down to the fact that hair thins with age.

Luckily, there are ways of injecting life into fine, thinning hair. It could be a long-term damage control routine, or by trying an instant fix. The following advice should help you take care of fine hair, helping to prevent it from going over to the sparse side.

How to take care of fine hair naturally

  • Eat and drink responsibly: Before you consider which conditioner or hair treatment to use, it is worth considering natural options. Think about how you can naturally aid hair growth and thickness by incorporating new habits into your day to day.

“Healthy hair starts from within,” says Gareth Williams, award-winning colourist at Salon 64. “Make sure you are drinking plenty of water and eating a well-balanced diet as well as maintaining optimum mental and physical health.”

  • Make time for self-care: Another way of proactively taking care of fine hair is to dedicate ten minutes a night to performing your very own head massage. This will encourage hair growth as well as help you relax before bed.

“Use gentle circular gestures with your Manta Healthy Hairbrush, £25 to move the scalp without force,” advises Zoe Irwin, Manta ambassador. “This will relax the scalp and relieve tension but also really stimulate the follicles and increase blood flow. The differences I have seen in the hair of clients who have done this is incredible.”

Ten minutes of relaxation? Easy peasy.

  • Take it slow: Be mindful when brushing your hair every morning and evening – even when you’re in a hurry. It’s so easy to run a harsh hairbrush through your hair as you’re heading out of the door to quickly get rid of knots. However, this could damage the hair, especially if it is already vulnerable.

To keep fine hair from breaking, use the Manta Healthy Hairbrush which has been specially created for fine hair needing that little bit of extra TLC. Gareth also recommends opting for silk hair ties. Unlike standard ones which can snag, they don’t cause any friction or damage to the hair.

How to wash fine hair

  • Ignore the myths: Good news! According to Gareth, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to how often you should wash your hair per week.

“Just make sure with fine hair that the water you’re washing it in isn’t too hot or too cold – lukewarm is best as you don’t want to over-activate the sebaceous glands,” he explains.

“Use your Manta Healthy Hairbrush on wet hair to brush through your conditioner in the shower as it’s gentle enough to use on wet hair and do a light massage to activate the blood flow.”

  • Go again: That’s right, wash it twice! Gareth says you should every time; “It simply isn’t true that you can wash your hair too much,” he says.

So why the double cleanse? “The first shampoo will cleanse the hair and get rid of any damaging environmental issues (like pollution or sweat) and the second one will allow the active ingredients in your shampoo to do their job properly.”

Instant fixes for fine, thinning hair

  • Switch up your parting: It’s amazing what one little flick of the hair can do to alter the look of it. Changing it from one side to the other is all it takes to make fine hair look thicker and healthier.

“Brush a deep side part and tuck the side where there is less hair behind your ear,” says Gareth. “The other side will then create the illusion of thicker hair all round.”

  • Use a hair dust: Gareth recommends L’Oreal Techni Art Super Dust, £16.50, available nationwide for its versatility and thickening hair skills!

“It gives your hair some guts – use it if you’re creating volumising waves to keep the waves in place or especially if you’re wearing it up in a ponytail for example, as it provides amazing padding and texture.”

  • Do a little backcombing: For instant root lift on the go, keep it gentle by backcombing at the crown and roots. Use your Manta Healthy Hairbrush to give fine hair a lift. Also, take a mini bottle of dry shampoo with you to pep it up, in case it goes a bit flat.

Box/ The best products for fine, thinning hair – long-term

Need to give your hair care regime a little spruce? Introducing your new fine hair routine:

  1. Harsh brushing can cause permanent damage to hair. Use your Manta Healthy Hairbrush for £25 to keep your hair healthy & shiny.
  2. We love Nioxin 3-Part System, £55.90, (choose between 1 and 6, depending on the intensity of your hair loss.)

This range has been created especially for thinning hair and according to Gareth, “it’s perfect for ensuring your scalp is in the healthiest condition possible to produce super healthy hair.”

The kit includes a shampoo, conditioner and scalp and hair treatment to encourage growth.

  • You should also never be without a heat protection spray to stop damage from heat styling. Over time this can make fine hair even more susceptible to thinning.

Living Proof Smooth Blowout Concentrate, £24, provides heat protection up to 450 degrees.

Click here read more on how Manta Healthy Hairbrush works, or here to choose your brush.