Dreaming of your next hair appointment, us too.  With salons opening this month, It’s not long till we can finally visit our hairdressers, in fact in a study by Treatwell its one of the top 3 things we are all most excited for when lockdown eases.  So take a bit of time to get your hair salon ready with these simple tips:

  1. Don’t reach for the at home colour:
    You’re nearly there and while we know that appointments are booking up fast, a box dye is a huge risk because the results can be really uneven. Even if it says semi-permanent on the box it can be just as strong as a permanent salon colour and it won’t come out easily. You do need a professional eye to colour match, in the salon your colourist selects from hundreds of colours and then mixes them to your exact shade in the safest way from literally a potential of hundreds of combinations not 10 shades on a box.
  2. Conceal grown out roots
    Mix up the way you style your hair and opt for volume rather than sleek back looks as it will focus attention on the style rather than your roots. Try a little dry shampoo at the roots – it’s great for second day hair and will encourage a bit of extra oomph.

    We love Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo
    Or spritz your roots with a temporary colour like Josh Wood Root touch up – there’s no commitment simply spray into your roots and wash out when ready.

    However we think going natural and growing out your colour can be really liberating – check out @thesilverlining_1970 for serious #silversisters inspiration.
  3. Use tools that are kind to your hair
    Daily brushing actually causes a lot of irreversible damage to hair, so make sure you are using a brush that is gentle on your hair especially as you are more likely to have split and damaged ends that can snag and tare your healthy hair. Our Manta healthy hair brushes are ideal as we created them to be as gentle as running your fingers through your hair.

    Also be mindful when drying your hair, vigorously rubbing your hair with your towel can fracture the cuticle leading to breakage. Instead pat it dry and gently squeeze the hair to protect from unnecessary damage.
  4. Don’t overuse your hot tools
    This is one of the main reasons for colour fade. Thermal protection is really underestimated and it’s such an important step to protect your hair from damage as it reflects heat away for your hair.

    We love Revlon Professional UniqONE
  5. Avoid the Top Knot
    Tying your hair too tightly can also cause breakage especially when using accessories that snag your hair. If you are worried about breakage we’d recommend plaits, they are perfect at keeping your hair out of your face gently. A Fishtail plait looks really chic and always use a silk or bamboo hair tie they are much more gentle on your hair.

    We love Silke Hair Ties
  6. Keep Healthy
    Drinking plenty of water and eating lots of oily fish is a great start to ensuring healthy hair. Washing your hair in tepid water is the best temperature too, rather than too hot or too cold. This also helps to keep your hair feeling smooth and protects your cuticles.