At Manta, we believe in a holistic approach to hair care, it’s the reason we’ve earned the reputation as an essential tool for anyone who has struggled with hair breakage, damage, loss, fineness or who simply wants healthy hair.

When it comes to nurturing healthy hair & scalp, it’s important to use tools that are created to look after the health and longevity of your hair like our brushes that were designed to be as gentle as running your fingers through your hair to minimise breakage and maximise shine.

But what about the often-overlooked factor of our daily habits and accessories? 

In our pursuit to unlock the secrets to healthier hair, we delved into the connection between hair health and silk accessories. So we asked Anya, Founder of The Silk Collection Ltd (London-based lifestyle and wellness brand dedicated to crafting premium silk accessories designed to elevate your daily routine) what sets silk accessories apart in the realm of hair care? 

Let’s explore:

Tell us about the Silk Collection?

Our mission is to improve overall wellness by incorporating our collection of 100% mulberry silk accessories into your daily routine – whether that’s by improving your quality of sleep with our pure silk eye masks; improving your daily haircare routine with our collection of silk hair accessories; or by improving daily skincare with our best-selling silk pillowcases.

Effortless Care:

At The Silk Collection, we’re all about low effort haircare, and silk scrunchies offer just that! Using silk hair ties and silk scrunchies throughout the day is a really easy way to promote hair health with minimal effort. 

Using silk scrunchies ensures a gentler approach to tying hair, which helps to minimise hair breakage and damage. Silk’s naturally smooth texture means that silk scrunchies glide smoothly against hair to prevent any pulling, tangling or breakage. This is especially important when you are untying hair, as this is often where hair can be pulled if there is a lot of friction and tangling. By reducing friction, silk hair ties not only help to prevent hair breakage and tangling, but also help to prevent frizz forming.

Cotton vs Silk Pillowcase:

In addition to using silk hair ties, using a silk pillowcase is an absolute must for overnight haircare! We spend around a third of our lives sleeping with our hair pressed against a pillowcase, so it is well worth spending those hours protecting hair to encourage healthier hair over time.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase has a number of benefits for hair health in a similar way to silk scrunchies. Standard cotton pillowcases tend to be quite abrasive against your hair and skin, which is what can cause hair tangling and breakage overnight as you sleep. By using a silk pillowcase instead, silk’s smooth texture helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends and prevents frizz forming overnight. 

Silk fabric is also significantly less absorbent compared to cotton, which means that it helps to retain the natural moisture in hair strands throughout the night, keeping hair hydrated.

A silk pillowcase also has a number of wider benefits for overnight skincare, and its naturally hypoallergenic which means it is suitable for all skin types. It really is the easiest way to promote healthy hair and skin for hours each night as you sleep!

Tailored Overnight Care:

Using a Silk Turban (also known as a ’Silk Bonnet’ or ’Silk Hair Wrap’) for sleeping offers a really targeted approach to overnight haircare by wrapping the hair itself with silk to protect hair overnight as you sleep. This helps to retain moisture, prevent breakage and maintain hairstyles overnight.

A Silk Turban is especially useful for those with curly or textured hair as this hair type is more prone to dryness, so it can especially benefit from the increased moisture retention. A Silk Turban also helps to keep curls maintained and in place as you sleep. A Silk Turban is also useful for chemically-treated or damaged hair that requires extra care.

Top tips for your ideal hair care routine?

Here are a few of my top tips for an ideal hair care routine incorporating silk hair accessories:

– Use silk hair ties: using silk hair ties and silk scrunchies throughout the day and night is the easiest way to promote healthy hair with minimal effort.

– Tie hair loosely overnight – if you are someone who ties hair at night, make sure to only use loose hair styles to prevent pulling on hair, and of course only use silk hair ties!

– At night, use a silk pillowcase and silk hair wrap – this is an effortless way to look after your hair health as you sleep.

– Switch to using a Silk Heatless Curler– if you are someone who regularly styles your hair, it is well worth switching to a heatless hairstyling technique rather than using heated curling tools. This is a really simple way to style hair effortlessly without any heat damage!

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