September is National Yoga awareness month. At MANTA Hair our original Manta Muse Dani Binnington, wife of our founder is so passionate about teaching and sharing the practice and all the ways it can support our communities and our personal, mental, physical and spiritual health. Here are her personal thoughts on what Yoga means to her and the benefits of including the practice in your everyday life. 

“Yoga can mean many different things to different people. The wonderful thing about a regular yoga practice is that it can help us shift our perspective on things, help us understand our bodies and become more aware of what is going on inside of us. It also teaches us to sit with uncertainty and the less comfortable for a little longer.

And that lesson is one of the most useful learnings for me.

Normally, in everyday life, I became quite good at trying to push all negative sensations and feelings away from me as far as possible. I only wanted to have positive thoughts, remember happy things, and create happiness all around me. And so initially I thought by practising yoga it is going to make me a happier person all around.

But really, quite the opposite is what has actually happened to me and what is giving me the benefit of yoga. And that is to allow all emotions, all sensations into my awareness. Regardless of whether they’re good or bad. Happy or sad. Because that is the reality and also the beauty of life.

There can’t be light without casting a shadow somewhere. We would not know what joy is if we had not also experienced pain. And once I realised that Yoga is about feeling more, noticing more, judging less and accepting that life is a myriad of all these feelings and happenings, I knew that I was on the right path. A path that not only helped me in everyday life, but that moved me a little bit further on into my own journey of transformation.

In a weird way, our Manta hairbrush is the only hairbrush that moulds to the shape of your hand and hence moulds to the shape of your head. That flexibility allows us, the user, to have more control over how we brush our hair, and it is this action that makes the Manta so effective and unique.

The reason I mention this is this. I always say to my yoga students, that yoga is not about flexibility at all! No one really cares if you’re able to touch your toes or not.  But it is the growth that happens and the internal learnings that occur, on the way towards touching your toes that matter. The same with the Manta:  is not the pure fact that it can be bent, it is what you do with it that matters most.” 

All month we will be sharing short practices on our Instagram and Facebook channels so make sure you follow us @mantahair for access to the healing power of Yoga.