With Father’s Day just around the corner, I can’t help but feel a surge of joy and gratitude for the incredible journey of fatherhood. As the proud father of three wonderful girls, this day holds a special place in my heart. So, I thought I’d share my Father’s Day wish list, filled with meaningful experiences and thoughtful gifts.

  1. Quality Time:

At the top of my wish list is uninterrupted quality time with my girls. Nothing brings me more joy than engaging in activities that create lasting memories. Whether it’s a picnic in the park, a family walk, or a movie night at home.

  1. MANTA Pulse:

As a father, I want to teach my girls the importance of self-care. I originally invented the first MANTA brush for my wife Dani, after she lost her hair through serious illness. Next, I created the MANTA Pulse, an innovative scalp massager, that not only offers a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation but stimulates the blood flow to the scalp for healthy hair follicles and scalp microbiome. These scalp and hair benefits are universal so it’s also an excellent gift for Father’s everywhere giving them a moment in the day to take care of themselves. I use mine in the shower, just for a couple of minutes each day. 

  1. Yoga Mat:

It’s so important to prioritise physical and mental well-being too. Yoga allows me to carve out time for self-reflection and mindfulness, helping me to stay balanced and centred. It’s a powerful reminder that taking care of yourself is a lifelong journey.

  1. Planning a family fun run or 5K 

As a family, we love staying active and embracing the outdoors. There is nothing like taking a run together especially if we are working towards something like a fun run or a 5k. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of shared accomplishment and the thrill of crossing the finish line side by side.

  1. Playlist Curated by My Daughters:

Music has a magical way of connecting people and evoking emotions. That’s why a personalised playlist put together by my girls would be on my wish list. It’s also something they love doing and keeps me connected with their world as teens. 

  1. A Wish for a Gentler World:

Ultimately, my biggest wish for Father’s Day is for a gentler world for my daughters, one that listens to their voices, fosters equality and empowers them to thrive. 

Father’s Day is a beautiful opportunity to celebrate the bond between fathers and children. However, I want to take a moment to acknowledge that this day can evoke a mix of emotions for many. To all those who may find this day challenging, please know that you are seen and your feelings are valid. Fatherhood takes many forms, and it can be found in the love and guidance of other father figures, mentors, or supportive individuals in your life. May this day serve as a reminder to cherish those relationships that have positively influenced and shaped us. Together, we can create an inclusive environment that acknowledges the diverse experiences and emotions surrounding Father’s Day. I want to extend our love and support to all from the MANTA team and embrace the power of empathy and compassion. Happy Father’s Day to everyone, in all its beautiful and complex manifestations!

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