You could say my hair has always been my ‘crowning glory’. It’s always been thick and despite one seriously misjudged haircut which left me with layers so short only copius amounts of bobby pins could salvage it, I’ve always worn my hair long and love its full texture and rich, chestnut tone.

Last summer, I went through a prolonged period of illness and stress, like most women who experience this, my hair started to fall out in clumps whenever I brushed or washed it. I became scared of touching my hair for fear more would fall out and eventually gave up on any sort of grooming and simply tied it back. Hair loss affects one third of women at some point in their lives and having experienced this to such a degree, I felt my confidence plummet as I watched my once soft, glossy locks become dull, patchy and lifeless. It was devastating. My hair had always been my defining feature and something I always took great pride in.

I was then introduced to the MANTA through creator Tim Binnington’s wife, who had also experienced hair loss following treatment. Tim spent 25 years as a professional hairdresser and drew on this experience to create the MANTA. Made from soft touch materials specifically designed not to catch or tear the hair, I found it glided through my hair effortlessly, and using it almost become a ritual in self care as it softly massaged my scalp.

Alongside specialist hair supplements and products, I’ve noticed my hair getting back to its healthy, shiny self, and the hair loss seems to have calmed down too. Brushing with the MANTA has given me the confidence to style my hair again and when used alongside my hairdryer, I can achieve a fabulous smooth finish in half the time I used to spend styling it; I barely have to use straightening irons anymore!