Does a lack of adequate sleep affect hair loss and volume?

YES according to The Belgravia Hair Loss Clinic in London. In today’s fast-paced, high-tech, always-on world the importance of sleep is often neglected.

Our bodies recharge themselves as we sleep & in short if we cut that time down, the body weakens and some of the first places to show this lack of replenishment are hair, nails and skin.

The link between lack of hair vitality and lack of sleep is strong and ensuring you have an adequate night’s sleep is an important step to guaranteeing you have the strongest, healthiest hair possible. There are a couple of simple steps everyone can take to make sure that their sleep quality and quantity improves:

• Create a sleep sanctuary: Your bedroom needs to be your place of refuge. Invest in a mattress that will really support your body during sleep and turn your mattress every six months. Keep your bedroom clutter free and add soft lighting for a calming environment. Change your sheets every week.
• Indulge your senses: Candles and sleep sprays use scent as a signal to your brain that it’s time to sleep. Have a bath before bed and use a sleep inducing bath oil, the rise and immediate drop in body temperature that a bath causes creates the perfect conditions for sleep.
• Hydration: Stay hydrated and avoid caffeine after lunch time. Water is your best friend. Keep topped up but stop 30mins before sleep to avoid a waking for a loo break.
• Darkness: Sleep deprivation is defined as less than 7 hours sleep a night. Electric lights have meant the gradual erosion of time dedicated to sleep. Invest in black out blinds and curtains and turn off hall lights. If this isn’t possible because of shared living or children buy a sleep mask.
• Tech: Try to keep social media & films to the living room rather than the bedroom and use the moon symbol on your iphone to stop any notifications or disturbance during your core sleep hours.

Make little improvements for big sleep rewards….