1) Use a hair mask twice a week. Increase the health of your hair by using a nourishing hair mask that will hydrate on a deeper level. After applying, brush through with your Manta to distribute evenly through mid-lengths and ends. This will help with absorption and push the product throughout the hair.

2) Massage your scalp every night. Boost blood and circulation to the follicles by gently massaging and moving your scalp with your finger pads or for a more in-depth massage, use your Manta, to help increase hair health and shine- it’s also is incredibly relaxing, which will aid sleep.

3) Rinse extra thoroughly. Often dullness in hair is simply conditioner that needs an extra rinse. Move your hair around as you rinse to make sure the roots are product free. Try applying a heat styling spray before you blow-dry keeping the nozzle on the dryer to really flatten the cuticle promoting shine.

4). Smooth your hair with a few drops of oil. Rub nourishing hair oil into the palms and backs of your hands and follow with a brush of the Manta to bring shine to second day blowouts.

5) Feed your hair. By increasing your Omega 3’s you will change the texture and the growth rate of your hair dramatically. The fatty acids in Omega 3 reduce inflammation and nourish the hair follicles. They also help prevent your scalp from becoming dry and sabotaging your shine. Healthy hair produces more natural shine, boost your protein and eating fish or nuts will make a huge difference.

I love Lion Heart Omega 3 oils.

Remember to run manta through your hair throughout the day, instead of your hands. This will promote shine by smoothing the cuticle without transferring products like hand lotion from your hands, which can load your hair and make it look dull.