Manta Hair®

MANTA™ announces multi-award winning hairdresser, session stylist & creative director Zoë Irwin as Brand Ambassador.

Always at the forefront of the most noteworthy trends Zoë Irwin is the perfect Ambassador for the pioneering MANTA™ brush,Zoë brings her unique blend of traditional technique, honed over her remarkable 30-year career alongside her undeniable trend forecasting ability to help promote the MANTA™, both as a spokesperson and creating unique content in her own tasteful, modern, original style.

Tim Binnington, founder of the MANTA™ explains “There was no question who we wanted as brand Ambassador for MANTA™. We needed someone who could spot a new trend and run with it, Zoë is such an inspiring, hairdresser, her soft, feminine but unquestionable cool aesthetic sit perfectly with MANTA™. Zoë understands the importance of healthy, full hair and the difference it can make to a person’s confidence. Her unparalleled ability to communicate with our target audience demonstrating luxury brand values with real authority made her the perfect choice.”

Zoë Irwin says” My approach to hair has always been 360, as a colourist, session stylist & educator using a brush that is super gentle and won’t tear or break hair keeping it in as healthy condition as possible is hugely reassuring. The Manta is a true innovation for hair health & I am very excited to be Brand Ambassador introducing the MANTA™ to my clients, colleagues & friends.”