FAQ’s – Manta

Manta Hair®

  • Where is my order? 

If you bought your brush directly from this website please email [email protected] if you bought your brush from a different website or retailer please email them direct. 

  • My Order is incorrect, who can I speak to? 

Please email [email protected] 

  • Is Manta good for your hair? 

Yes, Manta hairbrush was created to treat hair gently & give you your healthiest hair. Daily brushing causes irreversible damage to hair, Manta was designed to flex and move continually so as Manta detangles it never reaches the stress point that causes breakage. It teases and loosens tangles rather than pulling and tearing. The brush also gently exfoliates the scalp creating a flake free, product build-up free, healthier scalp, perfect for hair growth. 

  • Is Manta good for fine hair? 

Yes fine hair tangles easily and can often be more prone to show damage and breakage than thicker hair. Manta gently detangles fine hair, exfoliates and massages the scalp creating stronger supple roots and healthier shinier fine hair. 

  • Is Manta good for curly hair? 

Yes, curly hair is normally detangled when wet. Wet hair is at its most delicate and elastic. Detangling with a regular brush or comb can lead to breakage. Using Manta to gently detangle will keep curls in healthy condition root to tip. 

  • How do I clean my brush? 

With warm soapy water. You can rinse off and leave to stand on its base pommel to dry quickly, easily and hygienically.

  • How often should I replace my Manta? 

Over time and use eventually you will need to replace your brush but it is built to last. 

  • What is MANTA made from? 

Manta is made from a rubber compound which is completely flexible. It has no edges to snag or tear the hair shaft. 

  • Is MANTA good for recovering from cancer? 

Yes, Manta was invented as a solution for post chemo delicate hair regrowth following the founder Tim Binnington’s wife, Dani’s hair loss and journey to recovery.  It is as gentle as running your fingers through your hair and is a wonderful addition to a self-care routine and any healthy hair journey. 

  • Is MANTA good at detangling hair? 

Manta is excellent at detangling hair without damage. 

  • Is MANTA good for people with dexterity issues? 

Yes, MANTA  is really helpful for those with grip issues that find traditional brushes hard to use as the Manta sits between fingers in the palm of your hand. 

  • My MANTA feels a bit stiff, will it get more flexible over time? 

Absolutely, the more you use it the more flexible it becomes. 

  • Can I use my MANTA with a hairdryer?

Yes, it is heat resistant up to 180 degrees. 

  • Can I use my MANTA on wet hair? 

Yes MANTA was created to be gentle enough to be used on wet hair and in the shower to shampoo and distribute conditioner. 

  • Is MANTA suitable to use on extensions? 

Yes Manta is gentle enough to not pull or remove delicate extensions bonds or tapes. 

  • Can you use MANTA on children? 

Absolutely, children love Manta and its so easy to use they can usually even use it on themselves! It definitely leads to no more tears or tantrums in our homes! 

  • What is your returns policy? 

Please click here

  • I’d like to stock MANTA, who do I speak to? 

Please contact [email protected]

  • Which countries do you ship to? 

We ship worldwide.